Glass Repair and Replacement
Have you been living with annoying misted glass or broken glass units for months or even years and think it would be to expensive to Replace! Think again you will be pleasently suprised at how affordable it is to replace with The Window Fixer.

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                      Before                                                    After

We Also Offer The Following Glazing Replacement Options

  • K-Low E Glass & Soft Coat Planitherm (The latest Energy Efficient Glass)

  • Toughened Glass / Laminate Glass Replacements

  • Diamond Lead / Square Lead Full Replacement or Repair

  • Coloured Top-Light Replacements

  • Crystal Bevel Top Light Replacements

  • Georgian Bars Replaced availabe in White, Gold or Brown

  • New Door Panels Halfs or Full Replacement

Please call for more details or request a brochure for any of the above